Chapter 001: The Enlightening

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Re: Chapter 001: The Enlightening

Post  Lucas Emmerson on Fri Mar 26, 2010 8:04 pm

Lucas watched the room with the phrase ‘People come and go so quickly here’ milling around in his thoughts. Not that it bothered him; the people were less worrisome than any more pets. He was quiet, not having anything helpful to add into the conversation. It seemed that the room was divided into two camps; those that understood and those that didn’t. The ones that didn’t surely had their own problems and concerns. Those that did understand seemed to have bigger issues than a room full of strangers inhabiting their city palace.

But Luc was observant enough to get the idea that if he was in this room he held a power of the arcane. He sure as hell hoped this power came with an instruction manual. Maybe an ‘Arcane for Dummies’ series. Then again, maybe he’d just be able to trigger it at will, though that seemed a bit presumptuous to think he’d figure it out on instinct. Luc was many things but he was not impulsive or irrational. He really, really liked instructions. Luc was not the ‘spare parts’ after assembly type of guy.

So for now he was content to soak up any information he could glean from the others without having to make it worse. With each new appearance he gave an up nod of greeting, otherwise his gaze focused on the ‘knowledgeable’. Safe bet, right? He sure as hell hoped so because he didn’t feel the need to be an example to the others in the 'quickest way to die' chapter of the Noob manual.
Lucas Emmerson

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Re: Chapter 001: The Enlightening

Post  Brayden Abrams on Fri Mar 26, 2010 8:04 pm

[ this is slightly awkward ]

Officer Bates, with her thick drawl, guided the two Arcanists to follow two clerks out of the small conference room. Handing the small bag of clothes over to the shorter woman, Brayden cast one more glance through the mirror before he followed his guides out. With Afton at his side, he fell in to step and walked in silence to their destination; the clicks his shoes made on the marble floor resonated throughout the tiny hallway, ricocheting off of the walls and causing the sound to echo louder than it had originally been. One gruff officer tossed a look his way, as if demanding Brayden to keep his footfalls under control. One eyebrow raised, though the Evoker did nothing to appease those in front of him – he couldn’t help the sounds his shoes were making on the dirty floor.

Officer Bates’ coworkers weren’t as polite when dealing with the public. Even though the law breakers had done something to land them in the slammer, Brayden didn’t see a reason to treat them like dirt – and from the way some of them were being treated, like a few of the ones who looked like they had been picked up off of a street corner, the Evoker didn’t think most of the officers were kind at all. He could feel anger rising up within his chest, though mostly from thoughts of how they might have treated Serik. With the offenses he had pulled, and the wild antics he’d performed at the station, he hoped for the officers’ sake that they hadn’t treated him wrongly. The wrestling match from earlier played out in his head, though Serik had been trying to escape; that had been his own fault, though the thoughts of them actually using a taser on the Essentian had him having to keep his anger in check.

Are you the one bustin’ out Sammy-boy?

The voice had a gentle twinge to it, though it was the nickname that had caught Brayden’s attention; he gathered that while some of the officers around him might have been rude, there were some other than Officer Bates who weren’t as cruel. Nodding, he drew out his wallet, ignoring the twitch in his eye whenever he was told how much bail was – it wasn’t the fact that it was expensive, but that he was actually having to pay to bust Serik out of jail. Why was he breaking into stores naked, stealing clothes? Why didn’t he fight the officers back? Did it have something to do with the new Arcanists? The questions kept coming, but he pushed them to the back of his mind. He’d worry about everything later – and as Serik took a place beside him, dressed in the clothes he had brought, he finished bailing the convict out and turned to face the man.

“Did you do something different to your hair?”

It may have been a coy remark, but it was Brayden’s way of mentioning the new form that the Essentian had taken. Taking the lead out of the three, he waved politely to Officer Bates while walking out of the detention center; not taking long to finish the trip to the car the Necromancer had driven them in. Not too long after, the three were in the parking garage, getting out of the BMW and walking towards the elevator in an unsettling silence. Allowing the two travelers to get into the elevator before he closed the doors to start the journey to the Penthouse, he let out a small sigh. Today had certainly been a long day, and it didn’t seem like it was coming to an end anytime soon. Hopefully, Lorelei had managed to calm down all of the new kids – Stepping back into chaos wasn’t something he was looking forward to.
Brayden Abrams
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Arcane Archon

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Re: Chapter 001: The Enlightening

Post  Eve Cassidy on Fri Mar 26, 2010 8:04 pm

Eve was about to slip back into her thoughts when the new comer started to walk in her direction. She smiled welcoming the company. It was better than sitting in a chair all day trying to find answers to her own questions. All this thinking was starting to give her a pounding headache and at the moment she wished it would go away. Eve was hoping for the meeting to end soon so she could go back to her hotel and sleep or at least relax. She would have a long journey back to Pennsylvania in the morning.

"Actually, I gotta be honest with you. I really, really kind of hope this isn't one of those kind of parties, because, I guess I had a little too much fun last night. Monster of a headache, all day."

“I don’t think it will be like the party you had last night” Eve said smiling. “After all I don’t see a mass amount of alcohol and there appears to be nothing fun happening at the moment. No crazy music or drunk people staggering about either. Nor is it an intervention I know for sure of that.” Eve knew she would never be caught at an intervention unless she was there for a friend. She never tried drinking alcohol after seeing what had happened to most of her family members. Most of them became alcoholics and drank away their lives. Eventually their livers would give out or else they would do something stupid while being drunk. Eve didn’t want the same to happen to her, when she could she avoided alcohol.

“I’m Eve” she replied taking Alex’s hand after he introduced himself. “It’s nice to meet you as well. I don’t suppose you know of what’s going on here. All I know is that I receive this note and the next thing I know it I’m here. I thought perhaps I was dreaming but if this were a dream I wouldn’t have a headache right now” Eve laughed half-heartedly.
Eve Cassidy

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Re: Chapter 001: The Enlightening

Post  Alex Sorschal on Fri Mar 26, 2010 8:04 pm

Let's Get This Party Started
Fortunate Isles Penthouse

“After all I don’t see a mass amount of alcohol and there appears to be nothing fun happening at the moment. No crazy music or drunk people staggering about either. Nor is it an intervention I know for sure of that.”

Alex burst into light laughter, though he fought to keep it quiet for the sake of other patrons--as much as to keep his own headache from making him sorely regret the idea. "It really wasn't that exciting of a party I'm afraid. I mean, unless you call a card game and a fevered debate on the greatest Sci-fi of all time a great--wow.. Did I just.. seriously go ahead and drop my nerd-card that early into a conversation? Huh, that's a record." he cleared his throat and blamed his headache for stumbling so badly. This was turning out to get better and better.

"I thought perhaps I was dreaming but if this were a dream I wouldn’t have a headache right now” She said.

He offered her one of his aspirins at the sentiment , though he doubted she'd be cold swallowing them. "Yours if you want 'em. Haven't done me a whole lot of good, but hey, I live in hope." He let the grin creep over his boyish face again, putting on all charm he could before letting it defuse entirely. "Actually, to be honest, I don't really remember how I got here... Weird." he rubbed his head a bit again and gave a glance at the door. That was... odd. He struggled to dismiss it with another shake of his head

"To be honest, I was hoping you knew. I don't have the slightest idea whatsoever. You'd think that somebody going to all the trouble to send uh... this." he flicked up the letter again. "Would at least have someone at the front door. 'Hi, welcome to the creepy letter club, have a seat and one of our members will be right up with the kool-aid and the manifesto.' " Again the wry grin crossed over his features, right up until the weight of what he was actually suggesting--that this was the first stumbling steps towards a cult--sunk in and it died in measures, swallowing hard against the lump that suddenly found it's way into his neck. "Uh... actually, you know what? that's probably for the best."
Alex Sorschal

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Re: Chapter 001: The Enlightening

Post  Plotline on Fri Mar 26, 2010 8:05 pm

Ignoring the most recent matters in the penthouse for the attention of his text message Logan was visibly tormented to find that a specific call sign had been sent. The disturbance came from the San Gabriel Valley, where multiple broadcasts over the last month aroused Eldritch-type suspicions. The Horde evidently was setting up shop, but the local gang violence had previously made it difficult to pin point whether it was worth investigating. Eric Miner was a teenage hacker progeny, and a short-time friend of both Taylor and Logan. Before allying himself with the hunters he had been rescued on two different occasions.

Besides being a monster magnet, Eric suffered from a rare aging disease called Progeria. He spent most of his life hiding and only experiencing the world under the veil of night. This made him a perfect prey for the Horde whom maintained a similar lifestyle. After Eric’s exposure to the supernatural he secluded himself in his basement and devoted every waking hour to tracking horde-related evidence and signaling out arcane occurrences. Whether as payback for their salvation or to make use of his limited lifespan, Eric had become a useful resource. The possibility that he might be in danger really got to the thick-hearted hunter veteran. He rounded the troops stopping by the room where Seiko was relaxing, grabbing Sebastian, Dominic, and Taylor in a fashion that resonated immediate action. Maybe it was the recent overhaul of magic wielders that clouded his mind, but for the first time in two years Logan suited up and rolled out without considering bringing Gavin along. It wasn’t intentional, although given the circumstances, probably for the best that things played out this way.

As soon as the hunters had left earshot of the haven a massive ribbon of light emerged from Gavin’s throat, sparks of amber collecting around his lips as the magic hurled out of his dry heaving form in an unusual manner. The whites of his eyes begin to fade into a dark black pool of ink seeping over the form overtaking his irises and getting lost in his pupils. A wicked smile tugged at his lips competing with the expelling magic energy. When a good amount of the crimson light had released itself of his fleshy keep it snaked through the open sliding door. Spiraling along the walls and obstacles finding specific targets and trapping them in its wraith. The first mark it caught was Lorelei, enveloping her body with a shiny red blur obscuring her vision and propelling her from her current time and space. It then took several other Arcanists snubbing a select few for unknown reasons.


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      - Logan Kilmartin

      - Taylor Sullivan

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      - Dominic Hayes

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Re: Chapter 001: The Enlightening

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