Seizure of Power; Seiko's Awakening

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Seizure of Power; Seiko's Awakening

Post  Seiko Ishitomo on Fri Mar 26, 2010 6:31 pm

October 23rd 2009;
UCLA Neuropsychiatric Hospital;

The sounds that surrounded her were that of a medical atmosphere. Unusual silence, save for the occasional scream from another patient some number of rooms down or the passing whispers of hospital staff. The soft rhythmic thumping of her head against the padded wall seemed to be the only movement she was allowed considering her arms were folded and restrained by a heavy canvas jacket. The deviously gorgeous creature was unkept and uncombed, the chart adhered to the outside of her door clearly stated that she was considered far to dangerous for any human interaction, save the bi-daily visits of her doctor.

She on the other hand relished the solitude. The inner demons of her subconscious mind were allowed to run ramped through her thoughts, playing that morning over and over with increasing detail. The rhythm of her thumping slowed as the images played through her mind. The lower of plush, pouted lips were captured between flawless ivory whilst her head turned lightly into her shoulder. Recalling the feeling of her comrade's body cooling beneath her forced a soft but growing heat to build between her thighs, the faint traces of pleasure then breathed from her throat.

"It's happening again." A nurse commented as he shifted from the monitor overlooking Seiko's cell, rubbing his eyes attentively listening to the voice on the other end of the receiver. Pushing his deck chair back he'd rotate to look to the clock while jotting the time down on a legal pad, continuing to scribble some illegible comment before lowering the receiver back to the desk after a few "Yes Sir's." Moments later, he watched the cell door open and two female nurses slip into the room, their lips moving soundlessly as they collected Seiko and half drug her from the room..

"Sup Doc?" After having been moved from her cell to one of the observation/counseling rooms, Seiko found herself in fresh restraints, her wrists hand-cuffed three foot apart and allowed only four inches of travel from the table top. Haunting green eyes watching the man in a white lab coat pull a pack of cigarettes from his breast pocket, all the while regarding her as something less then mentally instable.

"Good evening Seiko. How are we feeling today?" He queried just before slipping a cigarette between his lips, bringing the flame from his lighter to it's tip.

The strange femme fatale would simply roll her shoulders upward while shifting back into her chair, crossing her legs rather elegantly. "Crack open a few of these doors and let me out and I'll feel worlds better."

Yet she knew this would never happen, in fact she'd worked up a conspiracy that they wanted her to die of overwhelming boredom, never the less, she kept those green depths engaged upon the male before her as he lowered the cigarette to a red plastic ashtray, wedging the fragile cylinder in one of the supplied notches to then slid it towards her.

"I apologize about the drastic measures you must undergo Seiko, but I assure you it's for the safety of everyone." He'd flicker his gaze to his right hand, which sported a fresh application of gauze and medical tape, a wound he gained the last time he underestimated the girl. "Including yourself."

She'd dismiss his apologies as the need for that cigarette superceded her need to answer right away, using her limited reach to drag the ashtray closer, gathering the cigarette and stooping her head she would pull a drag from the vile thing. Leaning back to let the acrid smoke marinate within her lungs moments longer then necessary until blowing it free. Devious emeralds looking down on her restraints.

"What, these?" She'd lift her hands to indicate her meaning, shrugging it off. "If I wanted to do some damage doc.." She'd pause for that dramatic effect, even leaning closer to him while lowering her voice an octave."You can bet your ass these cuffs wouldn't stop me.. So, how's the hand?" She'd indicate with her chin while thumping ashes onto the table.

"It's fine Seiko, thank you for asking." He continued. " I hear you've been fantasizing again, would you like to talk about it?"

"No.." her voice held the ghostly hint of a warning, shifting her eyes away from him to the only object she was allowed to have. Lowering her head closer to the table, she'd pull from that cigarette once more.

"That's fine, I'm not going to push you if you don't want to talk Seiko." He'd pull out a second cigarette, this time lighting it for himself. "I must however warn you, if I can't show your superiors any progress, I'll have no other choice but to close this report and have you transported to Guantanamo until your federal hearing."

She'd dawn an unsettling smirk, twisting the cigarette in her fingers to suddenly send it whizzing by his right ear to bounce harmlessly against the floor behind him. "Don't threaten me with a good time dear doctor."

With a soft shake of his head, he'd snuff out his cigarette and look toward the reflective glass and make a motion before standing and smoothing out his lab coat. "I can see this is not going anywhere tonight Seiko, maybe next time we meet you'll feel more receptive to talking."

No sooner had he finished his comment did the resounding click of that door emanate through the otherwise silent room, following this the two female nurses from before filed in and silently approached Seiko, causing the beauty to tense in wild expectation. The larger of the two nurses fished a key from her pocket while capturing Seiko's hand, pinning it to the table. Mimicking her superior, the smaller nurse restrained the other hand. Seiko's mind systematically dissected each movement that they would take to get her from her seat and into that jacket and the strange creature grinned. As the hand cuffs fell away Seiko remained motionless and waiting for the pressure to ease from her wrists and the very second the smaller nurse lessened her hold to re-grip in preparation Seiko made her move.

With a blinding speed she ripped her wrist free of the small woman's grasp and as an overly abused animal she turned on the larger nurse, sending a swift and alarmingly powerful jab into the woman's solar plexus, causing her grip to falter while staggering back stunned. With little effort, that enraged beast swung about and gripped the smaller nurse by the back of the head and proceeded to bash her pretty little face against the steel table time and time again until the smooth metallic surface was slick with blood. With a final thunk Seiko cast upward those eyes to take in the mortified doctor who could only stand there, wide eyed and mouth agape. With a devious and eerily sweet smile she reached up and smeared the spatters of blood across her cheek, her voice soft and composed as she spoke in muted volume.

"Didn't I tell you..." A fluid grace brought her to slip around the table in approach and perhaps it was the absolute lack of empathy that kept the doctor frozen, or more so the blood drenched clothing, but either excuse kept him rooted, listening to only her words. "If only you would have listened.." her left hand rose to touch with a feathered caress his cheek, depositing four streaks of red as finger tips ran the length of his jaw. "If you'd just let me go.. None of this would happen ever again.." Once more with an alarming sped and power, she shifted her position back and brought a straight kick into his chest causing him to collapse back at the exact moment that door clicked open and three well fortified individuals burst in. The first lifted a weapon that was strange to her but all the same used, firing and lodging two thin wires square between her breasts as she began to charge them but fell short the moment her body began convulsing and she hit the floor..
[To be continued here.]
Seiko Ishitomo

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