Victor Cross; Eye of the Beholder.

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Victor Cross; Eye of the Beholder.

Post  Victor Cross on Fri Mar 26, 2010 6:42 pm

"How doth the little crocodile
Improve his shining tail,
And pour the waters of the Nile
On every golden scale!
How cheerfully he seems to grin,
How neatly spreads his claws,
And welcomes little fishes in,
With gently smiling jaws!"

Victor Cross.. His story was nothing different then the rest of those twisted creatures, born to a single mother who found it convenient to blame the child for ruining her career, which the boy later found out was nothing respectable, save for the fact that her name was scribbled with sexually explicit messages in more then a dozen different Truck Stop bathroom stall. ["For a great piece of ass call Mary, xxx-xxxx.."] Though despite her obvious lack of parenting skill she did manage to engrain into the boys head one thing that stuck with him to this day, a creed of sort's that she chanted to him over and over again. "Life's a bitch, deal with it."

Through Grade school he was targeted by the other children and made a mockery of, beat up on a daily bases and alienated simply because his clothing was out dated. It was the fateful day that his mother uprooted everything that they knew and moved them to New York to pursue an acting gig that things turned for the now ten year old boy. His first day of school he was dressed in fashionable clothing that he'd bought after having found a wallet with three hundred dollars tucked inside. Instantly he noticed how differently he was treated with nothing more then a fashionable wardrobe and thus he began to elaborate his life, insisting that he was the son of a wealthy business man by the name of Jonah Cross.

Soon his lies grew so elaborate that an entire world was built around them and deep into this world the boy was caught. He thrived on the reverence he received by his stories of world travel, grinned at the way he manipulated those gullible children into eating every spoonful of bullshit with a smile. Though little did the boy realize that with every tale he told he was walking a very dangerous line for the man he claimed to be his father was indeed a factual person, though gunned down in a bistro only a year before.

One day the boy was leaving school when he was approached by a Guido looking man in a cheep suit, the man politely introduced himself and mentioned that someone who knew his father wanted to speak with him, in seeing that the man had a gun stuffed just within his half buttoned blazer, Victor decided to go without any further persuasion. Taken to a nice restaurant and ushered to a table tucked away near the back the gent motioned to a chair across from another much older man. At first the boy was nervous as he sat in the chair looking directly at the man with the gun but as the other male dismissed him and he walked away [but not out of sight mind you] the boy eased.

The man's position was notable, even through Victors haze of uncertainty. They were the only ones in this part of the restaurant aside from a couple of other Guido gents. Mid way through his thought process as to who the gentleman may have been, his attention was returned to the man as he spoke in a hushed and ancient voice. "Jonah never told me that he had a son, now why would he keep you a secret from the family?." It was in that instance that the boy felt his heart drop into the pit of his stomach. His elaborate lies were being challenged by someone who actually knew the man he claimed father. The boy hesitated a moment as he sipped on his complimentary glass of water, thinking desperately for a counter to the challenge. Then it came to him as if fate itself crafted the words that flowed through his thoughts, lowering his water he'd manipulate the man's emotions as he'd done countless others, telling yet another of his elaborate tales of what his mother had supposedly told him about his father. The shame it would bring to his father if his reputation was marred by a one night stand that conceived a child. He told of the abuse at his mothers hands, of how she blamed him for his father leaving and wove such a horrible tale that by the end of it the man across from him was both speechless and enraged.

It had worked, the boy had covered his lies with the greatest of them all and in doing so set into action the events that would forever sculpt his future. It was that moment that the older gent across from him took the boy under wing and when their lunch was finished proposed that the boy come and live with him, to which Victor agreed without hesitation. So it was that as the boy grew his stories dwindled and his habit of elaborating his family wealth soon turned into truths. The man who'd taken him under wing was as notorious in New York as the Mafia, for he was the head to one of the several warring Families.. Blossoming in this environment where nothing was out of his reach and every aspect of monitory need was met he began to develop his infamous Snobbish personality while also moving up the ranks in the family business, convincing his godfather that he was capable of handling certain aspects of the business the youth, at only 18 was charged with heading the Martellini Families drug trades. Only two years later he was credited with expanding the Martellini's drug influence into other neutral communities, something that no other family was able to accomplish while systematically shutting down nearly all other drug activity so that the only product in the hands of the common street dealer carried the Martellini name and price.
Victor Cross

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