Michael Hawthorne: Spreading wings...

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Michael Hawthorne: Spreading wings...

Post  Michael Hawthorne on Fri Mar 26, 2010 6:47 pm

Sitting in the stands he watched proudly as his youngest brother walked proudly across the graduation stage. Granted the ceremony was small, but becoming an Eagle Scout was important to Adam, which in turn made the entire affair important to the whole Hawthorne family. They were a family ripped from the pages of a Pixar animated feature; loyal to a fault, but honest and, for the most part, good people. The ceremony was not extremely long, but the memories and the moments created were sure to last them a long time. Now most families would celebrate a milestone such as this by having dinner or having cake and ice cream, but not the Hawthorne family. They had chosen to go camping, deep in the forest, in order to put Adam's camping skills to good use. They set out right after the ceremony traveling to the deepest part of the forest, a long way from civilization; what more would they need when they have one another?

The crackling bonfire was the center piece of their mini-city of tents; the four standard sized tents surrounded the fire. One for Alexander and Jessica Hawthorne, Michael's parents, another for his sisters Sarah and Amanda, then one for he and his brother Adam. The last tent was where they kept their supplies and stored their food in the metal crates. It was moments like these that Michael loved most about his family. Crowded around the fire, they told stories and shared food, true merriment.

"The funny thing was, when they called Adam's name, I think he had peed himself. He had no idea that he was next in line, like he'd forgotten the alphabet or something."

A universal laughter rang loud as the entire Hawthorne clan indulged in the festivities of their bond. The night continued, each member was nestled into their sleeping bags as the fire died down, and each was looking forward to a eventful morning. The moment the last speck of what seemed to be a flame died down, the fire pit seemed to exploded in a blaze of flames. Within seconds Michael's father emerged from his tent to find what looked like a gang of small men. Their sedimentary dark grainy skin, only complimented their yellowish eyes and tooth snarls. Through pure instinct he alerted his family, and it seemed the ambush had begun. The Hawthornes fought bravely, as best they could, using whatever they had as weapons, but when things had looked up, another explosion worse than the original seemingly combusted from thin air. When the smoke clear nothing was left; no more dwarves, and none of the Hawthorne's. Laying there bloody, battered, and shocked, Michael tilted his head to the side to look around: nothing remained but bodies, and what looked like harvesting dwarves dragging his family away. Gasping, and partly choking on blood, he staggered to his feet, holding his weapon of choice, which ended up being a pot. Like a mad man, he began to beat anything that did not look human. He had to protect his family, even if he was losing blood; he could barely think, let alone focus. Word of this had reached the warrior dwarves quickly, and they returned with much haste to put an end to Michael, who was rounding up the bodies of his family. He laid each of them together, using the glow of the moon to see their faces: lifeless, each of them. Mourning, he was distraught and losing his ability to remain coherent. As the dwarves arrived, they tried quickly seizing the Hawthornes.

"Enough! Stay back! Just leave us ALONE!"

He screamed, hugging onto his brother Adam, feeling helpless. As the approached, a translucent dome covered his family. The fit was tight, but it did the trick. Michael was ignorant to this, rocking on his knees with Adam in his arms. The more emotional he became, the larger the dome became, until it expanded so rapidly, it cleared half the forest. Ripping trees from the ground and causing the dwarves to retreat screaming, "one of the chosen as awakened!" Afterward, there was a funeral service held in their honor, and Michael sold everything that reminded him of his family, except his brother's Eagle Scout badge -- that he kept, as well as a family picture. And that is were his story begins, an eagle taking flight...

Michael Hawthorne

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