Ryan Perry: Moonlight Stroll

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Ryan Perry: Moonlight Stroll

Post  Ryan Perry on Fri Mar 26, 2010 6:49 pm

The young college student ran down the back alleys as he checked over his shoulder. His mind was racing as he tried to rationalize what was happening to him. The problem was there was barely enough oxygen getting to his lungs to keep his legs pumping let alone give him higher brain processes. Fight or flight instinct was in full effect, and flight was his main concern, he needed to get somewhere with enough people to draw some attention to what was happening.

He darted to the right determined to zigzag through the alleyways to allude the "man" if you could still call "it" that behind him. Continued to hear the rhythmic pat on the pavement of his pursuer, but they weren't getting closer. "it's toying with me", Ryan thought as he jerked left down an alley and was faced with an empty street. Nothing in either direction, but across the street were fenced in shipping containers. The smell of salt in the air told him he was close to water, there had to be someone working along the docks tonight.

Wiping the sweat off his forehead he ripped his blazer from his body and took off towards the fence. Three long steps followed by a jump, just like hopping the stadium fence for his local high school. Only this time he had to toss his best blazer over the razor wire at the top. He clamored over the padded wire, but felt it dig sharply into his arms through the jacket, and tear away the rear of his pants as he fell over the fence. He hit the ground hard, feeling the rocks and grit on the pavement dig in to his palms and scrape his elbows. "Yeah, just like back home" he couldn't help but laugh at his situation as he took off down a row of steel containers.

Earlier that night he had spent time at the local club scene. He had needed a break from his day to day grind of apartment hunting followed by learning more about the city he was calling his home. He was dressed up and originally ventured to a club he was informed of. Feeling a bit claustrophobic in the cramped nightclub he decided to make his way towards the beach, and so he fought his way out the door and on to a bus. Ryan exited the bus on what he thought was the right stop, only to find he was near a mile from the beach.

Annoyed with his miscalculation Ryan did what any Iowan confronted with getting from point a to point b. He went straight, which meant going right through an old industrial area, but it was the quickest way to the coastline. After a block Ryan made out what appeared to be a shape running towards him. He quickly cut down a side alley as to avoid any homeless loon wanting to mug him. "New rule, no industrial areas after night", he thought as the homeless shape passed.

Only the homeless man, turned out to be a girl dressed in a short skirt who fell to the ground just past his side alley. His compassionate instincts kicking in Ryan moved towards the girl, only to catch a man running towards the downed girl. The pursuant faltered as she worked her way to her feet, and looking back horror streaked across her face. Ryan's blood boiled, whoever this guy was rushing towards them, he just committed cardinal sin one in Ryan's book. Ryan timed his movement as the man rushed to catch the staggering girl. Throwing himself into the alley Ryan slammed his shoulder into the attacker knocking him off his direct line.

The force would have knocked most people to the ground, but only redirected the attacker, but the redirection ran him square into a giant green dumpster, marked City of Los Angles. A howl rang out, not a scream, not a grown, but a howl. It was eerie and the blood that was boiling beneath Ryan's skin now ran to ice. He turned towards the girl just getting up and yelled his command to her. "Run!". She took off in her original direction as Ryan stood there staring as the man reached his feet again.

The man was wearing what appeared to be a tattered leather trench coat. The attire seemed too warm for the night air. The man turned and face Ryan with a murderous look of contempt in his eyes. There was nothing said, and there didn't need to be one. Ryan was ready, the man didn't have anything in his hands, and looked though he hadn't ate in a few days. A tired older homeless man didn't stand too much of a chance against a healthy virile and prepared man such as himself.

The homeless man circled towards his left and scratched at the five o'clock shadow on his face. The stubble became whiskers, and the whiskers started to become hair. The man threw down his jacket and Ryan saw as hair started to grow spontaneously from the man's skin. A second later Ryan found himself jetting down the alley pulling over anything that could slow down the homeless man.

"I had to go get myself involved", Ryan thought now rushing through the columns of containers. He couldn't hear "it" chasing him anymore, which was now scarier than the alternative. He refused to slow down, after all the first rule in a monster movie dream was never stop running. It had to be a dream, after all there is no such thing as monsters. Mid stride Ryan felt something hit him, something like a mach truck, only bigger.

Ryan ricocheted from steel, to concrete, back to steel. His momentum ended abruptly as his back met a container one last time. Ryan shook the cobwebs loose from his head as he used the container to push himself back to standing. The ground shook a bit in his vision as he saw a dark shadow stand in the middle of the aisle. His eyes adjusted, and a sight that would more than likely haunt his soul the rest of his life stood there.

Red eyes, muscled sinewy body, and a mouth with fangs dripping with saliva. The body was covered in fur and the hands were shaped into claws, "the better to shred you with". Was Ryan's only thought on the matter. Ryan couldn't help but let out a labored sigh, followed by a chuckle. He was, for lack of a better term, screwed.

There are those that talk a big game when it comes to facing their death, Ryan was never one of those people. Death was too far off for him, but now he was faced with it and he was laughing. Was it bravery or just the hypoxia from running for that long without a break? Ryan let out a last ditch effort as he tried to shoulder the large creature to get past, which was met with a swipe from the claw, some blood, and Ryan slamming back to the ground.

Ryan watched as the creature plodded over to him, its feet now inches from his face. He wondered if he should close his eyes, but in an instant salvation was found. A bright light flooded over him and the rapid sounds of pistol fire rang out. A painful howl erupted from above him and Ryan let out a final laugh. He was going to make it, and the only thing he could do was laugh.
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