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A primordial war of light and dark has been fought through the ages behind the backs of mankind. The Ancient One’s most delicate race was protected in their ignorance. The Horde, also called Kreelocks, have crossed over from the Arcane plane to haunt our realm; our only salvation had rested within the lineage of the alchemists—those bestowed arcane gifts in order to protect mankind. These families fought the Horde with their magic, though with each generation the battle became more severe. Several years back from today, the elders crossed over the veil into the Arcane plane with the intention of drawing back the line. Sadly, they fell, leaving a heavy responsibility on the children of the Arcane.

Pulled away from their simple lives, it was up to the magic wielding progeny to carry the mantle. They fought and subdued the Horde with their abilities; every enemy that fell by their means was replaced by ten more. It became apparent that a retreat to Azoth Manor was in order. The heart of the bloodlines power center posed a possible aid in repelling their foes. Even in greater numbers, proper knowledge, and even with blessed weapons, a long, arduous battle followed them. The Arcane families were sundered. Entire bloodlines disappeared in the blink of an eye. If there were any survivors, they were most likely hiding.

With little hope left for the world, the Ancient Ones decided to search for new hosts to replenish the shredded ranks and bring about a new generation of magic. These new warriors would be chosen through millions across the globe. A special soul and spirit were both needed to survive the transformation, and they would have to be found before the Horde realized that the Ancients were slowly regrouping their forces. The war was far from over.

  1. [ Those Summer Nights → Gavin Mitchell + Lorelei Ashford ]
  2. [ Are You Afraid of the Dark? → Brayden Abrams + Taylor Sullivan ]

  1. Skeletons in the Closet
  2. When Fates Collide
  3. Unchosen

  1. The Grass is Greener
  2. The Dead Are Talking
  3. The Side of Wild
  4. Wax On, Wax Off

  1. Blank Dreams of the Coming Fun
  2. To the Victor Goes the Spoils
  3. Needle in a Haystack
  4. The Princess and the Bowie Knife
  5. Peak a boo

Chapter 002: Coming Soon

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