Supplement Rules: Read Before Posting

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Supplement Rules: Read Before Posting

Post  admin_ronnie on Mon May 03, 2010 12:58 pm


Supplements are side plots where player can engage with others in a social aspect. We realize not all plots are action based and this thread will give you a chance to explore with your characters and how they interact with others. There will be brief periods of time within the storyline where you can trail off on your own and develop your characters further. Moderators will inform you when there is time available for these situations to occur. For example, if a chapter thread states that a week passed since the last thread, during that week supplements can occur and your characters have a week to play out your ideas.


1) The storyline is based on one timeline, your character can't be in two places at once but you can post in supplement while a chapter or volume thread is running. This is where you can backlog on the forum.
2) All threads must contain the following in the opening:
    Characters: (Whose in the thread?)
    (Time frame in the storyline ie. after what chapter or volume)
    (Where does this take place)
    (Brief summary of what the thread is about and why it's here)
3) Anyone can participate, there is no limit to how many people can join in a supplement.
4) One person must be in control of the thread. They are responsible for anything that goes on with plot, direction, or activity. This responsibility falls to the person that starts the thread.
5) All threads must have a title that corresponds to what is happening within that thread -- keep them short.
6) You cannot have your character involved in multiple supplements unless the previous one is finished within that time frame. If one ends before the allotted time you can start another one.

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