The Princess and the Bowie Knife

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The Princess and the Bowie Knife

Post  Taylor Sullivan on Wed May 19, 2010 2:41 am

Characters: Taylor Sullivan, Dominic Hayes, Colby Miller, Reese Morgan
When: After The Side of Wild, before Chapter 002.
Where: Pershing Square, Los Angeles, CA
Summary: After the events that transpired on the bus and the epic fail that was Eric's apartment, Taylor Sullivan hits the town once the sun has set. Downtown L.A. is deserted with the residents becoming more conscious about how dangerous the roads can actually be. The female huntress, trying to put the events behind her, brings out a newer huntress, Reese Morgan, on one of her nightly rounds to 'get her feet wet' and get used to being out and about. Little do they know who or what they'll run in to.

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