Teacher Meet Your Student [IM RP]

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Teacher Meet Your Student [IM RP]

Post  Gabrielle Sommers on Wed Jun 23, 2010 4:39 pm

Gabrielle was working the night shift at the local bar. Her favorite shift of the day because most of the men were too smashed to pay her any mind. Not to mention she didn’t get into trouble for telling people to buzz off. She was not in a good place as the local news paper just ran another article on her talent and as if to flam the fire just about everyone in town had to weigh in on why she has so many different colored eyes. The men were around the bar scattered on the stools and in the room in tables set up for four people. The women were just staring at her all out not hiding it and she was pouring drinks like she always did her boss in the backroom on the phone. Anyone not a part of the local seen she would know after all this was the only bar in town.

It had been an interesting night for the Essentian. He had been booted from his keep by his female students for a "girls night" at the keep. He was not sure what a girls night was about, but he assumed that he would want no part of it. He knew that he was nuts about wine, and he knew the places to get it at. He stopped in front of a bar, in a neighboring town. It looked a little dark when he walked in, and he did his best to blend in with the other patrons. It wouldn't be an easy task for the clean man in solid white. He found a table in the back and laid his white leather coat down on the seat next to him.

Most in the bar were wearing darker colors and keeping to themselves. A little rough around the edges and smelling like the places they worked at, so when the clean shaved, white dress man came in she took notice. In the middle of pouring a whisky sour she didn’t do anything but smile at him. Her eyes were a light brown almost golden color as she was in a good mood despite the stairs and whispers going out around the room. Her boss came from the back and he was making use of himself by standing by her in the bar taking drink orders like she was. They worked well as a team and the place was hoping as it was a weekend. Wearing a silk top that rested half way between her elbow and shoulder on the arms and covered her in all the right places she insured that tonight was going to be a money maker all around.

Her black hair waved out gently and was loosely tied back. Getting done with the drink she came out from the bar to show she was wearing tight black jeans and thigh high boots. Setting the drink down before the man at the bar who ordered it she went to the stranger’s table. Putting on all the charm she could muster and a smile that wasn’t real she spoke to him, “Is there something I can get you to eat or drink tonight?” He wasn’t a local so she felt comfortable talking to him.

She was cute, and she had a style of her own, and he felt a familiar vibration coming from her, a vibration that he became very adept at picking up. He looked up at her when she arrived at his table and smiled. "A bottle of your best Red." He said sheepishly. "Perhaps a Bordeaux, if you have it." He added. Sometimes these seemingly low class places simply had the best wine. He hadn't been to many bars, but some of the ones that seemed to be less sophisticated, had better wine than the bars full of the stuffy head arrogant jerks. He much preferred places like this.

She nodded, “I’ll see what I got behind the bar. Not too many folks like the wines so a lot of it goes bad before we get a chance to sell it.” Looking around for a moment she saw all eyes were on her since she was now talking more than just a word here or there. Sighing she continued, “Going to have to forgive the folks in here they think I’m some sort of side show attraction to stare at since the local paper did an opinion piece on me today and I don’t talk much.” Turning to go to the bar she addressed the room, “Alright folks no more staring at me or I’m going to knock some heads around and start charging extra.” There were groans but everyone went back to what they were doing as she fished out a bottle of wine and a wine glass from the rack.

He smiled and nodded. "That is understandable." He thought it was weird that they were staring at her. Had he missed something? She was feisty and she definitely knew how to take care of herself. He shifted in his seat as he waited for her to return. The seats weren't super comfortable, but they were comfortable enough. The light above his head flickered back on, which bathed his table in a pale yellow light.

Talking to her boss she gave him the don’t follow look. “I’ll take care of our high roller I promise just man the bar for me.” With that she swung around to go back to him letting her golden earrings swing a bit with her movements. She knew what she was doing. Putting the glass on the table she then poured him his drink before setting the bottle down in front of him. “I got instructions from my boss to hang around and be your personal waitress. That is if you don’t mind the company.” She added a bit quieter then what she was talking to him earlier, “Plus it will keep the locals from trying to make a pass at you.” She made a motion with her head for him to look at the ladies that were eyeing him like he was a prize to win.

He smiled, and casually looked around the room. It was true. The ancients had explained the process of choosing a mortal body, and now he saw that he had indeed chosen a beautiful one. "Well I very much appreciate it. To be honest, I did feel a little uncomfortable sitting all by myself. I don't suppose it would be against the rules for you to have a glass with me? That is, of course, if you like wine." He said with a smile. He blushed a little as a woman across the room leaned forward and winked at him, exposing as much cleavage as possible.

Looking to the bar she saw her boss give her the go ahead and she smiled back at him pulling a glass out from behind her back. “I brought an extra just encase.” Laughing a little she then took a seat across from him but not too far away from him. “The locals around here don’t like the wine much so it’s a treat to get to know a fellow wine drinker.” She saw him blushing thought he was very sweet to be flattered by the local women giving him attention. “So what brings you outside of the big town to the little one on a night like tonight? Can’t be boredom because I hear the city life is quite lively on the weekends.”

"Always best to come prepared!" He said laughing as he poured her a glass. "Well..." He thought for a moment. "Some friends of mine wanted to host a private party at my home, but it was a female only party, and clearly, I could not be in attendance." He said with another grin as he sipped his wine. "I don't mind too much, it gives me the excuse to venture out into the real world, and meet real people. I tried the city once, but I just got lost and it was not fun for me."

She had to laugh he was a bit different than normal; “Well you don’t have to worry about that here. We’re all friends and tend to point strangers in the right direction. You’re basically in the social hub for the place right now.” Her eyes shifted from a golden brown to a deeper almost black brown as she really looked at him for the first time. Taking in what he looked like to her, “Something tells me your friends are pretty lucky you didn’t say no to the party.” With that she took a sip of the wine just to see for herself that it was indeed good and not something she forgot to throw out when she cleared out the bar last week. Sure enough it was good she determined, “You take me as the type of guy when your mind is made up there is no changing it.”
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Re: Teacher Meet Your Student [IM RP]

Post  Gabrielle Sommers on Mon Jul 19, 2010 4:44 pm

He just smiled at her and sipped his wine. "Well, I know when to be a stubborn ass, and when not to be." Well that statement was partially true. Normally he was a pushover, but he was working on it currently. "This wine is really very good." He said as he sipped some more. "So what are you doing working in a place like this?" She seemed like she could be so much more than a bartender. She had potential, and he could almost smell it.

Smiling she spoke, "It’s because I'm too stubborn for my own good and no one will put up with me. Not even the trash in here will put up with me." She added the last part with a mutter as though not to get fired from this job. "I don't see myself moving forward anytime soon...men like you come in here all the time and hit on me then leave. I've gotten use to it...especially from my boss."

He smiled. "Well, you seem like you are doing a good job to me. Making guests to your bar feel welcome will ensure that you will have repeat customers." He said with a smile. "Your boss shouldn't underestimate the power of a few loyal regulars." He said with a nod. "I can see good things for you." He said genuinely. It was the next comment that took him aback a little. He seriously hoped that she didn't think he was hitting on her. She was pretty, that much was very true, but he was not interested in women. As much as it would have made things much easier, he just couldn't bring himself to do it. "Well, I'm not going anywhere." He said truthfully.

She took another drink of the wine and nodded, "That much is for sure or you would have hit the door the moment you saw me." She smiled knowing he wasn't the type to be into women the way other men were that tended to troll around but all the same she kept her guard up, "I'm different than any other person in this room though, and if you knew what was good for you...you wouldn't be so nice to me."

"Well, I'm hardly the type to be startled, and I am a good person, and I think you are too." He said with a warm smile. "Well let’s say that I don't know what’s good for me." He mused. "Will I still be allowed to come here again?" He hoped this wasn’t her way of telling him not to come back.

She shrugged, "Sure you can come back anytime you want to. Doesn't mean I'll be here though." Her boss was giving her the look, "If the man behind the bar has anything to say about it I'll be out of here within the week." She looked at him, "I attract trouble in his mind because people like to talk about how quickly my hair color changes."

"Well if you aren't here, then who will I talk to?" He asked out loud. "I'd have to sit here and hope that nobody throws a dart or a beer bottle at my head..." He continued thinking out loud to himself, but more muttering than anything. He looked up suddenly. "I wouldn't worry about that the scuzzball behind the bar thinks. Your body is your body. Your hair is your hair." He said as he swallowed the last bit of wine in his glass. He would have invited her back to his cave, but that would be a bit freaky. Oh hey! By the way, I'm a magical dragon who lives in a cave. That would not go over well at all. He decided that maybe when she trusted him more, they would be able to hang out a little more, and perhaps outside of a professional environment.

She looked at him, "Trust me the way my hair color and eye color change based on my mood people talk, and that dirt bag is the owner of this place. I could do allot more with my life if people didn't like to talk about me so much." She then sighed, "I live in my car anyway so if I just drop off the face of the Earth no one will really notice."

"You can't be serious. You can't live in your car!" He said in a hushed tone. "I cannot allow that. I cannot allow you to live in your car." He said with a concerned look on his face. "I can see great things for you." He said in a serious tone. "I would notice."

Drinking the rest of the wine and officially making herself high off of drinking as she was a light weight she looked at him and couldn't help but laugh a little, "Just like every other nice dressed guy in this joint you say it now, but the moment you walk out of here...I was just a nice girl to chat with." Her eyes turned a bright green color, "As for my car...its fine, and it keeps me dry that's all I can ask for because the trash that runs this place doesn't pay me on time or at all." This time the man that was at the bar was making motions to come their direction. She laughed, "Oh hell here he comes."

He stood up and looked at her. "I am not a normal person. I am not the average riffraff that comes in here and harasses you. I am a decent and honest person looking to make the human experience better for all those who I can, and if you don't understand that, then I am sorry. You will not be sleeping in a car tonight." He said sternly. He saw the man come over and smiled at him and addressed him. "You must be the owner." He said with all the charm he could muster. "I'll have to thank you for the $200 bottle of wine. Goes to show that you can find the best things in the least likely of places." A $200 bottle of wine would net them about a $150 profit, which was nothing to sneeze at. "You have a very nice gal here." He said. "I will definitely be back again, willing I get to see her again." He said with a smile. "You really do have a special employee here."

He looked at him levelly, "Thank you for your business but my...employee...will not be working here when you get back." With that he looked at her, "This is your termination any back pay I owe you you'll have to take me to court for." He then looked at the man, "I'm sorry but this was coming before you came in. However, you are more than welcome to visit again and visit any one of my girls." With a smile he then left and Gabby just groaned, "Wonderful he gets paid and I'm out on the street again."

Arik wasn't the violent type. Normally. He handed the girl his coat. "Please hold this." Not even waiting to see if she would and walked to the bar. "Um. Excuse me sir, but you don't understand. If you fire her, I'm not coming back. I don't like your other trashy girls. That girl has heart and a smile you won't find anywhere else." This was Arik's way of saying, 'dont fire her, or we will have problems.'. He didn't want to start a fight, but what kind of spineless person would fire someone in front of a complete stranger? He stared into the man's eyes and waited for a response.

The man turned and faced him seeing Gabby had his coat in her hands and was holding it as though it meant something to her. He then looked at him, "Look, you're her boyfriend...I get it. So take her home, alright? She's done here."

"How dare you." He said as he shoved the man back into the wall. Several bottles of cheap tequila fell down and broke on the floor. "You don't treat people that way." He said as he focused on the man on the floor. "You don't treat good people in that manner." By then, the whole bar had stopped and had focused on the blonde guy in the fashionista clothing.

He was on the bar floor by now his hands up and he had a scared look on his face, "Look buddy, I got no beef with you. Your girl is done here and you got to just accept it. Take her home because you doing this isn't going to change my mind about your freak of a girlfriend." The bar was silent so Gabby could hear the men that was when she rose from the seat she had and yelled at him her hair a fire red, "Cursed is your family and so it has been since three generations back for your evil deeds."

In the back of the bar, he heard one of the older ladies holler out a "You tell him sweetie!" at her. Arik realized what had just happened. She had an awakening moment. Arik got down on the floor and very close to the man. "You listen here, and you listen well. You will provide her with severance pay, and you will pay for her to stay in a hotel for the next week, or so help me maker, I will hunt you down." The fierceness in his eyes made her outburst pale in comparison. "You will go to the Hilton, and you will ask to pay for the weekly rate for the Morrison room, and if I ever see you treat another human being like that, I will come back, and it won't be the tequila bottles that I break." He said before he stood back up, and walked back to her. "Come now, darling, I think it is time that we leave."

The man shaking on the ground just stared up at him and when he turned to leave with Gabby he shouted, "Go to hell. I owe her nothing." He did this as he was going to his feet. Without thinking she turned around and picked up a chair lobbing it at him and yelled back, "You first child of satin! Keep your filthy money." She then took off the name tag and lobed it at him. "Bastard." She then turned her back at him focusing on Arik, "I'll go now."

He looked at her for a moment and laughed. "No." He said as he picked up a chair and handed it to her. "I think you can throw a little better than that." He said with a grin and a laugh. "How about you aim for the expensive liquor?" He said with a deviant sort of laugh. This behavior was uncharacteristic for Arik, but not totally unwelcomed. "Go ahead, I won't let him hurt you or me."

She smiled and looked at him, "Alright, I'll lob this one at his booze instead of his head." With that she focused on the back wall and hefted the chair as though it was light and then threw it with such force it hit the back wall shattering the entire display of liquor and she yelled, "Go to hell and may your days be filled with misery because of your black heart." Everyone was too stunned by what was going on to make a move towards them.

"Didn't that feel good?" He said with a laugh as he looked at the people in the bar. They were stunned for a moment, and then like clockwork, they started clapping and cheering. Even the other waitresses were laughing. "I think our work is done here." He said with a smile. "Are you hungry by chance? I happen to be starving."

She turned her attention back to him, "Yeah, I think I can manage to eat something for a change. Will be nice not to have to worry about him now." She then handed him back his coat, "I think this is yours. Dought you want me keeping it for you as I'm going to be in my car and the only food I can aford is the foodstamp kind."

"You are not staying in that car. I will not hear another word of it." He said as he said with a weak smile. He couldn't force her, but he could already tell she was touched by the arcane, and that meant it was his job to look over her, until she was ready to begin training, however long that would be. "Come with me. I know a place that serves the best fried food." He said with a guilty smile. "If you don't like fried food, I know a nice vegetarian place too." Truth was, he only knew three places. "But, if you have a place you would rather eat, let me know." He said as he walked towards his car and unlocked it with the press of a button. Even essentians drove cars, or rather Arik had learned how to.

They were outside now and she looked back at the place she just left befor looking at him and smiling, "As much as I would like to stay with you I dought you want me around." Her hair turned back to raven black like it always was when she was calm and her eyes brown. " I'm too much of a bother, and like I said I got my car and a food stamps card." She then looked into his eyes and seam to realx the anger she felt gone. " I'm not worth saving. Even the doctors in the ER said that the last time I landed there because of that loser in there."

"I won't have any of that talk." He said. "I'm going to pay for a room at a hotel for a whole week whether you use it or not, and I'm going out for dinner and I'm going to order for two, whether you eat or not, so please don't make me waste my money." He said, practically begging.

She looked at him, "Then don't do what you are planning on doing. I'm nothing and no one worth saving." With that she sat on the sidewalk and just staired at the street for a while. Tears were welling up in her eyes, "I'm a freak and always will be."

He sighed. "You don't see yourself clearly." He said as he sat down on the sidewalk next to her. She hadn't really awakened yet, for a lack of a better term, and he couldn't reveal it to her, until she had. She was making this hard on him. The Ancients never said the job was going to be easy. "You just have to trust me, and you are just going to have to take what I am offering you. You never know when it will lead to something better!"

She was shacking trying to hold back the emotions that were inside of her. "Better? I got no one and I'm nobody to these people. They don't understand the world I see or am a part of. It scares them to even consider it being possible." She took a necklace out she didn't wear at all it was silver with a dragon clutching a ruby. Rubbing her hand over it she spoke softly to him sensing he was sitting right next to her. "Perhaps it is best I'm not fully aware."

"This will all make sense to you, but you have to let me help you." He said kindly. "This is something you will learn to embrace and love. You will find power from within, and you will feel more in synch with the world around you than you ever did before. I can tell you no more." He said as he stood up. "Now. Let’s go have dinner, please?"

She looked up at him and showed him the necklace, "Mean anything to you? It means something to me but I don't get it." The necklace had a bit of a glow to it in her hand. Hunger was easily ignored in her mind she just wanted to belong somewhere for a change.

"I'm sorry, but no." He said as he examined the necklace. "I could take a look at it back at my home where I have equipment capable of analyzing, but not here." He said with a frown. "Can we go?"
Putting the neckless back into her pocket she stood up and noded, "Yeah, there's nothing here for me anymore." Looking at him she smiled, "Thank you by the way, for doing what you did for me back there."

"I believe that if the roles had been reversed, that you would have done the same." He said with a smile as his stomach warned him that if it didnt get food soon, that it would stage a rebellion. He smiled at her. "So lets get a bite to eat then? We can talk about the necklace a little more later if you want. I cant remember if I even introduced myself to you. I am Arikstrasza."

"I'm Gabriella and yes I think you did before." She smiled, "Getting something to eat would be nice. I've not eaten in a few days because of everything to tell you the truth." She rubbed her arms with her hands. "Plus I think we need to make ourselves scares before the cops come around."
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